What's New In Barbiezz World
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NAME: Alyssa Smith
BIRTHDATE: July 12, 1989
HEIGHT: 5'2"
WEIGHT: 125 lbs.
SHOE: 8 1/2
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Green
TALENT: Having fun, exotic dancing, acting, role play, nude model

What's New In Barbiezz World

Fan Appreciation Month

by Alyssa Smith on 09/03/13

Did you boys miss me? Well I don't want you to think I don't appreciate all your tributes to your Goddess! To reward my faithful subs I'm going to be offering cam off my sites. I will be using yahoo messenger so if you don't use it YOU NEED TO!

I will still be giving people a chance to get in on this deal! But you will need to work harder in order to.  As most of my lil sluts will tell you I mean what I say and I say what I mean.  You won't regret making yourself bow down hoping to touch or kiss my feet. 

For anyone interested in benefitting from My training that doesn't know how to contact me, all you have to do is make sure you have about $50 on a card that you don't mind using for internet spending.  Go to my free video chat and say "How may i serve You Ms.Barbiezz" you may then proceed with your tribute (you have to join new is the only catch)

I'm gonna come up with some fun ideas along the way so get ready and thanks

cya soon{!

Happy Birthday To Me!

by Alyssa Smith on 07/10/13

Hey it's about that time again.. July 12 is always my favorite day of the year!!! It's on a Friday this year which is always cool!!! Regardless I'm planning to just party all summer!  I'm having a special for all new members.. ALL SUMMER LONG YOU GET TWO 15 MIN SHOWS FOR ONLY $25. I'm goin to try to reach everyone interested but I'm getting messages like crazy.. So to make the process go smoother I'm going to tell you the best way to gaurantee you get your deal is to click the link you see above to go to my sexy summer link.. All you have to do is click that but be honest about being a new member please.  I can tell so lying won't get you your deal.  Next send me and email with your username with "happy birthday" in the subject line.  You must have a username in order to email me. Do not!! I repeat "DO NOT BUY CREDITS UNTIL YOU HAVE MADE CONTACT WITH ME!!!

Thanks for all my fans I've met so far and all the ones waiting to catch me in action.  I can't offer the same deal for couple shows or girl/girl shows but I can give you a deal still!!!  See you boys soon!!

Alyssa Smith aka Ms. Barbiezz

Only 1 week Left

by Alyssa Smith on 03/23/13

Ok so this month on top of giving you a great show I've also given the option to enter into a raffle to take me on a date.  4 people will be chosen.  To simplify the details all you have to do is click my link here or contact me for the direct link, then join free with a new email.  Find me in my free video chat but make sure I know who you are and most likely if you are asking for free stuff I'll know you aren't serious and you will most likely be banned..Not to mention you will get to see hotties like this celeb porn star Brandy Aniston.  Click the banner and search barbiezz! 

Guys and ladies my shows are always fun and exciting and I'd like to keep it that way.  If it's not for you that's fine there's no love lost.  I also apologize for those of you that aren't able/willing to pay but I'm sorry this is my body and I'll decide who and when I'll show it. 

Ms. Barbiezz

Happy New Year - 2013 is Near!

by Alyssa Smith on 12/29/12

Ok I'm going to keep this short and sweet for anyone that hasn't visited my blogger.  I've been doing a special that gets you a total of 90 min private cam session (subs can train together) for only $60.

Here is the break down and links with instructions.


Schedule 1 show $25 for 15 min and get 10 min bonus cam time

Add this show $25 for 15 min to receive 30 min bonus cam time

Add this 3rd show which includes happy hour $10 for 10 min and receive another 10 min of bonus cam time.

If you have further questions or already are someone that has gotten a show with me than just give me a message on yahoo or leave your contact info in the area beside my picture here.  Thanks

Alyssa Smith

Welcome To My New Home!

by Alyssa Smith on 12/07/12

I'd like to thank all of my fans that have been with me this far and looking forward to playing more in the future.  I figured since it's a new year coming that I would make a new website that's more my style.  I've never made a site before so hopefully you will like it.

Basically I'm going to have some exclusive pics, videos, and deals for you to see and decide if you would like to become a fan.. that's if you're not already!!  I've been meeting some hot girls that are in Adult business as well so I'll also be offering other services at some point.  At least if not just to give them more exposure. 

Well hope you like the site when it's done.  I'll try to hurry up and finish it but you know I'm busy in between my private web cam shows


If you have any questions or want to schedule  time for a show please enter your details in the space provided below or instant message me on yahoo messenger My id is XXXBARBIEZZ!!
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